Manassas Clinical

Research Center


Welcome to Manassas Clinical Research Center, a private practice of internal medicine and clinical research.  We serve Northern Virginia and the greater Washington DC area, and are a subsidiary of Burke Internal Medicine. Dr. Andrawis and his wife, Dr. Gabra, are primary care physicians who welcome you and your family.


One out of every six people in this country never see the doctor for a regular check up since they do not have medical insurance.  As a result many diseases with no symptoms like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol go undetected.  We call these diseases the silent killers since they can cause heart attack, stroke or even sudden death if untreated.

Our mission is to detect and treat these silent killer diseases in people with no medical insurance who never see a doctor because of the cost of medical care.  We want to make health care available to everyone.

          - Dr. Nabil S. Andawis, MD, PhD, FACP        

All health information on this site is to be used as a supplement to regular doctor visits, and is not designed to replace the doctor patient relationship.  Additionally, all information provided by Burke Internal Medicine, INC and its affiliates is not intended to replace or negate the health advise given to you by your physician or other health professional.

We provide H1N1 Vaccine and the regular flu vaccine